DP-4 is the fourth PEAT level. Its name derives from the fact that DP-2, a method that alternates thoughts and emotions, became the second PEAT level; DP-3, the alternation between two polarities and the confrontation with the 4 elements which divide them, follows as the third level; DP-4 improves and replaces DP-3.

Thus, DP-4 is the improved procedure of DP-3. It is similar to DP-3, but with some important differences. We use the right and the left brain hemispheres!

The value of this method derives from the possibility to reach, willingly and consciously, the  neutralisation of a pair of polarities – by using the energetic polarities of the human brain – and remove the elements that divide them.

With Deep PEAT this had not been possible because the polarities that appeared only at the end of the process – which starts with the problem and develops along the chain of elements – could not be known. But with DP-4, we cannot obtain the neutralisation of Primes, because we don’t know whether the polarities neutralised are Primes or not. For this purpose, we have to work with Deep PEAT.

The DP-4 method was created by Zivorad Slavinski to allow to pick a specific pair of polarities to neutralise. We can choose, for instance, depression and exaltation, giving and receiving, making money and spending money, and neutralise them in an average time of 10-30 minutes. In fact, it is a very quick and powerful approach. Many other therapeutic methods, which try to attain only a positive polarity, are transient and give only short-lived results. DP-4 is the only method that gives permanent results, since it neutralises polarities in human consciousness and transcends them.