Important clarifications on Spiritual “Technology”

These techniques are for everyone, no-one excluded. It is not necessary to be qualified in any particular area. The only thing you need is some interest and good will, and a little enthusiasm always helps. The different techniques do not need to be learned in a specific order.

These techniques can be applied in such a vast number of cases, it is impossible to list them all. You can start by improving interpersonal relationships in the family, at work, in your free time etc. You can enhance your work or sport performance by improving your concentration, efficiency, attention, consistency skills and many more. It is possible to solve many old and recent problems which affect us every day.

You can apply the techniques on yourself, without the need of other processors, as well as on other people.

It is fundamental to state that these techniques have got nothing to do with psychology and psychotherapy. We are talking about Spiritual “Technology”, thus, we are referring to the soul, while psychology is a scientific discipline that studies the mind and behaviour.

The same goes for psychotherapy, which focuses on prevention, cure and rehabilitation of mental disorders. All this involves the continuing assistance of a therapist, while, as regards our techniques, the subjects take care of themselves independently on a spiritual level, although initialy led by the processor.

Nevertheless, our techniques are being applied successfully also by psychologists and psychotherapists, as well as medical doctors and other professionals.